When designing a new identity for this customer’s photography business, we created a distinctive, playful brand to match the business name, and a clean site design to let the artist’s photographs take centre stage.

Because the gallery often defines customer’s first impression of the photographer, we built a custom gallery solution that is fast-loading and uses the available screen real-estate effectively while maintaining their brand and a connection with the rest of the site, and provides the elegant appearance of an Adobe Flash-based solution using only HTML, CSS and JavaScript—making the complete site experience possible on mobile devices and tablets favoured by digital photographers for exhibiting their works electronically. Our implementation makes sharing gallery image URLs via text, email or instant message effortless by seamlessly cueing-up the expected image.

A Django-based administration tool makes management of the gallery and the splash page’s random-image pool a snap for the customer; text content, pricing and deliverables are similarly database-driven to make the site content maintainable using only a web browser.