When it came time to redesign this customer’s flagship product line, we wanted to create a design that would make an enormous product easy-to-use by a repeatable, consistent, and clear user interface across thousands of application screens; It had to be highly customizable by the end-user without designer intervention; meet or exceed legal requirements for Section 508 compliance; seamlessly support browsers all the way from Internet Explorer 5.5 to the latest versions of Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari, and Firefox; and present an attractive appearance to shine in sales demonstrations but maintain its polish over the expected service lifetime of at least five years in production.

Our solution incorporates multiple layers of end-user-defined customization, including layouts, skins, color schemes, and icon sets—all of which are designated by a simple wizard interface that takes less than a minute to skin and brand the entire application with no knowledge of HTML or CSS required, and remains an industry leader after nearly five years in production.